Technologies & Tools

Codebrain is first and foremost a Microsoft .NET solutions provider:

Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET

Extensive commercial experience with C# and VB.NET:

  • Enterprise messaging solutions with MSMQ & WCF
  • Distributed systems and SOA architecture
  • Multithreaded and asynchronous programming
  • DTC transactions

Extensive commercial experience with ASP.NET:

  • Development of fast-loading & lightweight pages
  • Advanced caching techniques
  • User & server controls
  • State management
  • Authentication methods
  • Data access with ADO.NET
  • Web services & Windows services
  • Substantial experience with localisation techniques

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Excellent commercial experience with T-SQL:

  • Design and development of relational databases
  • Data normalisation, indexing, keys & constraints
  • Stored procedures and user defined functions
  • Execution path analysis and query optimisation
  • .NET CLR integration
  • Iterative development with build scripts
  • Security and access rights configuration

Web Technologies

Web Technologies

Excellent commercial experience with:

  • HTML specifications and variants
  • JavaScript:
  • XML, DTD, XSL, XSLT and XPath
  • DDA and web accessibility compliance
  • VBScript and JavaScript, specifically JVM 1.3+
  • Active-X scripting, specifically Windows Media Player
  • FTP and TCP/IP sockets programming
  • SOAP
  • IIS 5, 6 & 7
  • Regular expressions

Whilst we specialise in .NET technologies we also keep a wider view on developments within the industry as a whole.

Open Source

The .NET Framework has attracted the attention of many talented software developers, resulting in a vibrant community developing open source tools and frameworks. Welcome to the world of ALT.NET.

The availability of source code, online support, documentation and passion behind alternative tools and frameworks often makes a compelling case for adoption in favour of the Microsoft equivalent.

We participate within this community both online and in-person at user group events. Our enthusiasm for software development is enriched by our involvement and contribution to this growing community.


Not all software development is with greenfield projects on brand new technology stacks. We also have experience with the following legacy Microsoft technologies:

Legacy Microsoft Technologies
Microsoft ASP Classic, VB 6.0 & COM+

Extensive commercial experience with ASP Classic (3.0):

  • Caching strategies for high-availability web sites
  • COM+ component development
  • Session and state management
  • Code optimisation

Excellent experience with VB 6.0, ADO & COM+:

  • Transaction performance tuning
  • ADO, particularly ADODB with MDAC 2.7+
  • Active-X components
  • SOAP with binary messaging