Today's Best Mortgage Rates

Published with permission.


Today's Best Mortgage Rates is a mortgage comparison web site developed by Nebius. The site offers it's users the ability to compare mortgages across a variety of different lenders so that they can find the best mortgage deal.

The site also offers a comprehensive and impartial mortgage guide.

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Codebrain was tasked with developing a web crawler which searches the internet for mortgage deals and aggregates them into a comparison matrix. Due to the variations in different presentation formats this presented a technical challenge. A crawling engine was written using C# 3.5 with a significant LINQ extension method library. This enables mortgage sources to be added quickly and easily.

The delivered solution is able to crawl a variety of sources in parallel and construct a matrix of best mortgage deals.


C# 3.5, LINQ, Parallel Programming, Regular Expressions, Windows Services.