At Codebrain we believe that relationships are built on mutual trust, integrity and performance.

"Stuart is quite simply one of the finest developers you could ever hope to have involved on your projects. Being an excellent 'coder' is one thing, but Stuart can also communicate at all levels and has a good appreciation of business issues too. Integrating easily into teams or taking sole responsibility for key deliverables Stuart's participation in any project always gives me the highest levels of confidence for a successful outcome. If you can find better than Stuart, I'd like to know about it."
Tony Williams - Technical Director

"Stuart is one of the most gifted software developers I have had the pleasure to work with. An absolute asset to the team, Stuart experience and mad-skills were an essential ingredient to the success of a high-stakes, state-of-the-art web 2.0 application. Given his availability, I will certainly seek to work with him on future projects again."
Juan Deniz - Technical Lead

"You know that famous software statistic, something along the lines of: 'The most productive software developers are 8000% more productive as the least'? Well Stuart Cam is one of the '8000% more productive' developers. This is the guy that makes the difference between your software project succeeding or failing. This is the guy who turns around a doomed project and puts in on track to success. This is the guy who does what needs to be done, overcoming all obstacles. Not only that but he is a bloody good bloke, great at communicating, not arrogant or cocky, and understands way more about the software business than mere development. He's an entreprenur who would be as comfortable Tech Directing, as optimising low level code. A very rare catch."
Jack Ukleja - Senior .NET Developer

"Stuart is one of the best developer I've worked with. He's so passionate about software development, leading technologies, methodologies and tools. He's been a great Agile master and leader (with Scrum) during his cooperation with us. I strongly recommend him."
Shahram Banihashem - Senior .NET Developer

"I've had the immense pleasure of knowing and working with Stuart since 2002. He has been my mentor in .Net since v1 and has put me on the right track so many times I've lost count. To coin a phrase 'he has the brain the size of a planet', how he crams all those skills and knowledge into his head, I have no idea. He's an asset to any company that hires him and his experience can help the smallest to the biggest project with ease. Great communication skills and adept and explaining complex ideas to all levels of developers, designers and managers, able to lead or be led with no problem. Great bloke to work with and has that dogged determination and infectious enthusiasm money just can't buy! From experience I know his design skills are fresh and up to date and he has the ability to create clean, W3C compliant pages which are cross browser compatible which is as important in these days of AJAX, UI design and Web2.0 policies as breathing air. A good web developer is just that, but an excellent web developer is one who also understands the medium and can translate those 'code development skills' to a visual front end without losing anything in the translation; Stuart is such a developer. Problem solving and planning are a breeze, his lateral thinking combined with his skills offers you the best commercial value out there. The best developers are those that have hybrid skills, the guru's out there are the ones who are the masters of those skills rather than the Jack's of all trades; Stuart is such a guru and a very rare one indeed! Now, if I could only get him to do a 'brain dump'..."
Jay Hayman - Senior Web Developer

"Stuart is absolutely brilliant, one of the most competent developers I've ever met. In addition, his humor and sharp mind light up any team. He is active and energetic, and not afraid to speak his mind. Stuart reads a lot, always keeping on top of the newest trends. He has many hobbies and interests, and excels in anything he does."
Tatyana Temirbulatova - Senior Presentation Layer Developer

"We have involved Stuart/Codebrain in a number of small developments. Each one was completed on time, to a high degree of quality and on budget. I would have no hesitation recommending Stuart to anyone who needs web/Flash/software development done."
Paul Nolan - Managing Director

"Stuart's approach, coupled with his ability to communicate in layman's terms helped us understand the processes in designing a web site. His communication skills and understanding was second to none. With limited materials, he created a web site that not only looks good and functions well, but has given us a valuable resource for customers wishing to find information on Fluidmaster products. Stuart is a credit to himself and to Codebrain. We wish him all the very best for the future and would not hesitate in recommending his services."
Chris Hills - Operations Manager

"Stuart is an excellent developer with first rate communication skills. We hired Stuart to write a toolkit in .NET which connected to our API. Stuart not only completed this within extremely tight timelines but also to a very high standard. He is a pleasure to work with."
Phillip Watkinson - Project Manager